Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question, who can I contact?

All questions can be directed to joshua[at] for further correspondence.

Has the project been audited?

Set Protocol has been audited by ChainSecurity and Trail of Bits.

What is Minting?

Users of the platform can either mint more index tokens by supplying the underlying tokens, or they can burn them back into their underlying at the current weightings inside the pool.

What is Arkenstone Capital's Goal?

The ETF industry has risen to a total asset valuation of $4 trillion in the United States and $6 trillion globally. Crypto ETFs have the ability to be a substantial chunk of the crypto market if the potential in the cryptocurrency universe is factored into the asset management equation.
Arkenstone's main intention is to be the gem of the crypto ETF market. We want to provide high-quality index products and establish ourselves as market leaders early on. DeFi Indices are an incredible investment tool that can provide excellent value while reducing the expense and risk of speculating in specific DeFi properties.